Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Grandpa Max by Janice Brodowsky

Grandpa Max was a wonderful man. In memory and in honor of him, I am putting a link on my blog to a post I have written back in 2000 on the website geneology forum. I will always love and remember my Grandpa, and will always remember the Nestled Crunch Bars that he would keep in the refrigerator for me. Here is my link to Grandpa Max Kornberg: My Grandpa Max, by Janice Brodowsky
Also, I just found a link to the 1940 US Census where Grandpa Max, Grandma Sarah, my Mother Rose, and Uncle Izzy are listed as well. This is very cool. Janice Brodowsky's Grandpa and the Kornberg family listed on the 1940 Census

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