Saturday, March 23, 2013

Janice Brodowsky on Facebook

I have so many mixed feelings about Facebook. It was a novelty in the beginning, which was maybe five or six years ago. I played games like Pet Society and Farm Town, and became hooked. I also witnessed people using Facebook to publicly air their issues with the people in their lives who they may be angry with at any given time. On the positive side, Facebook is a way to reconnect long lost friends, and enable families who live far apart to keep in touch through posts and pictures. Over the years, I have eased up on my Facebook usage, although I do enjoy sharing photos, quotes, and will "like" or comment on posts that I relate to or find interesting. So, in the spirit of connecting and sharing, here is a link to my Facebook profile. I've made some of my posts and information public. I very rarely accept friend requests anymore, as I am satisfied with the Facebook friends I currently have. So, here I am on Facebook: Click here---> Janice Brodowsky on Facebook