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Trusting The Goodness in Others, posted by Janice Brodowsky

"...when we trust the goodness in others, we become a mirror to help them trust themselves."

From the book Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
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Ithaca Falls, Posted by Janice Brodowsky

Ithaca Falls Hike + Driving Directions
by Janice Brodowsky

This is the time when I finally have to discover the beauty of the area that I live in.  Hiking in the woods has always brought me a sense of inner peace. It is time I reclaim that by finding special places in nature where I can feel the sun on my face, and smell the earth lingering in the air. So here is my link to my Springpad collection of places that I would like to go. It's time....
I hope to add to this collection regularly as the weather get's better. Please click here for my in and around Ithaca Hikes-----> Janice Brodowsky : Springpad Collection of Hikes in and Around Ithaca NY
Ithaca Falls

Directions to Ithaca Falls
These directions sound tricky because the road signs are less than helpful, but those who persevere will be rewarded with breathtaking views. If you’re traveling south on Route 13, take the exit for Route 34 North, Auburn and Stewart Park. Follow the signs for Route 34 North, but instead, turn right (south) at the “T” onto East Shore Drive, which becomes Lake Street.
If you’re traveling north, take the exit for Route 34 North, Auburn, and turn right (south) at the end of the ramp onto East Shore Drive, which becomes Lake Street. No matter which direction you’re coming from, follow the road that goes behind the Ithaca schools.
Soon after you pass the Ithaca Junior and Senior High Schools, you will see Ithaca Falls on your left. To stop and see the falls, look for a gravel driveway on your left just after you cross the bridge. Be aware that the path from the parking lot to the gorge is a little steep. It may be easier to walk out to Lake Street and take the trail into the gorge that starts near the Lake Street Bridge.

To see the rest of the gorge, proceed south on Lake Street and up Gun Hill. Half way up the hill on the left you will see an old smoke stack on the former site of the Ithaca Gun Company, which made world-famous shotguns for over a century and was, at one time, powered by Fall Creek.

Continue up the hill, and turn left onto University Avenue and then left onto Stewart Avenue at the “T” in the road. You will pass over the Stewart Avenue Bridge. Immediately after the bridge, take a right onto Fall Creek Drive.

Enjoy the hike,
Janice Brodowsky